1 Pink Dress 2:47
2 Overrated 4:07
3 Miniature Dance 3:43
4 Hair Cut 3:43
5 More Than This 3:19
6 The Party 3:52
7 I Leave 3:34
8 Iron And Cheese 5:02
9 Clean Up (free download bonus track) 3:49

Available as 12“ LP, CD and digital album on bandcamp
or as mp3-download on amazon

Arkaden-Sounds feiern mit Hip-Hop-Beats und Dada-Rock eine wüste Party […] Mitunter meint man gar, einen neuen Trent Reznor in Seins entdeckt zu haben […]skug, Journal für Musik

QUIET is the second release from Berlin-based set-up Seins, appearing on 12 „ vinyl, CD and as a download from June 6, 2014.
It is an album of many influences, domineering clarity and many surprises – not just as far as the lyrics are concerned. A rare and sophisticated ride between rock/pop and electro. Strangely catchy melodies, skilfully ruptured time and again, are set in driving, rhythmically playful and wayward beats – sometimes reduced and then again massive.

Seins is not a band. Seins is not really a singer-songwriter project either, or someone who has cobbled up their music in the bedroom – QUIET is just too loud for that. And sophisticated. Yet, like some kind of kind of music auteur, reminiscent of the glory days of self-made filmmakers of the 70’s and 80’s, Michel Bo Michel wrote all songs and lyrics, did most of the producing and has started his own record label to be able to produce and release his music as independently as possible.

There is maybe an old school air about the way his voice takes effect on some of the songs, too, with its rare conspicuousness bringing to mind now almost extinct grandees of 8os art rock, like Brian Ferry, Robert Palmer or David Byrne. The very electronic instrumental piece Hair Cut in turn sounds as if the Jeans Team duly provided some raw musical denim. Heavy stoner rock elements (Pink Dress), distinctly finger-snapping party grooves (The Party) or meandering piano sounds (Iron and Cheese) are resounding elsewhere.

For the second album of his project founded in 2011, Michel didn’t really want go near guitars. Everything is in fact based on a few improvised drum grooves recorded in an abandoned studio. Electronic tuners and metronomes looped through guitar effects units had to pay for producing simple tones, and a Brazilian ukulele still had to take a punishing before genuine guitars were used after all.

Gaps were filled and left – and certain parts just come out of these gaps particularly well. For Michel Bo Michel, the songs are less about storytelling as they are about associative collages of images and lyrics, like half-watched Youtube videos that linger in your mind or odd snatches of memories recovered form some picturesque party or another, flashing before your eyes and ears…


Album credits:

Michel Bo Michel (vocals and all instruments)
Mizzi Blum (backing vocals on track 5)

Cover: »Untitled« © 2011 Andrea Winkler

Written, arranged and produced by Michel Bo Michel
Mixed by Peter Veismann (track 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8) and Johann Damm (track 6 and 7)
Mastered by Kai Blankenberg and Jens Dreesen at Skyline Tonfabrik, Düsseldorf